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Saturday, June 12, 2010

South Africa puts its Left Foot Forward


AS seen at yesterday’s opening ceremony!

And in terms of what happened on the pitch (once it’d been cleared up of course), well, South Africa came within a post’s width of winning it, though a lively 1-1 draw isn’t the end of the world, especially given France’s dire goalless bore against Uruguay later that night:

This afternoon we get our first glimpse of Messi, as Argentina do battle with Nigeria, before the big one, England v the USA, tonight in Rustenburg at 7:30. The talking’s over, it’s time for Diego and then Fabio’s boys to show the world what they can do.

Friday may not have been as memorable as Germany ’06 or USA ’94's opening days, but for the Bafana Bafana it’s a day they’ll never forget.

South African Football Association
World Cup 2010 wallchart


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