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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Choose hope, choose fairness, choose equality: Choose Labour


THE Tory inheritance tax plans will give millions to each of the 3,000 richest estates in the country - including 90 per cent of David Cameron’s shadow cabinet - while at the same time taking £6 billion out of the economy and slashing child tax credits for ordinary families.

Cameron says he’s for everyone, whatever their background, whatever their wealth, whatever their circumstance; yet his policies say otherwise. If you aren’t rich - and I mean rich - married, have kids at private school, have private health insurance and private security, be afraid, be very afraid. He doesn’t care about you or your families.

Education, police, health: cut, cut, cut. And to what end? To give a tax break to the “right kind of people”, those Cameron approves of. Their inheritance tax and marriage tax plans are among the most regressive in history. On inheritance tax, Cameron and Osborne will, literally, take from the poor to give to the super rich.

Don’t let them do it, don’t risk the recovery. If you want a Britian in which everyone can achieve their potential, in which no one is looked down on, a Britain free of racism, hatred and discrimination, if you believe all families should be treated the same, that all people should be treated with respect, that those born of money do not have a divine right to rule the land, there’s only one place to put your cross.

Choose hope, choose fairness, choose equality; choose the many, choose the future. With fire in your heart and pride in what we’ve achieved, march forward to that polling station and vote for schools, vote for hospitals, say yes to 21st-century Britain and vote Labour.

Labour: For the many, not the few


Blogger Robert said...

I'm sorry but Labour lost this election and if we have to have the second party taking over to run this party something has seriously gone wrong.

Labour should sadly step down leave the Tories mess up and then maybe return, but if the Tories do not take power now the next election will destroy labour

11 May, 2010 07:17


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