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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Michael Foot RIP


9th FEBRUARY 1950: Michael Foot, who passed away today, addressing a meeting in a street in Devonport watched by his wife, film director Jill Craigie, sitting in the car beside him.

A world apart, a world away. No internet, no mobiles, no pagers; no rolling news, no blogs, no spin... unimaginable eh?!

Read the eulogies and reminisce, on The Guardian, Labour List and at Left Foot Forward, and for the most glowing, well written and emotional of obituaries, read Tribune.

I’ll leave the final word to David Miliband, who tweeted:

“Michael Foot led a remarkable life. I remember meeting him on the Tube in the 80s; for a famous speaker he really listened ... Ironic to hear news of Michael Foot’s death while welcoming south african president. He hated apartheid with a vengeance.
Got it in one; a man who fought the horrors of Fascism and Apartheid, from the thirties to the eighties, standing up to terror wherever it arose, in all its forms, at any time.

Truly a giant among men.

Michael Foot: 1913–2010


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