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Monday, January 11, 2010

FIFA v ISS: The verdict

FIFA-2010  ISS-2010

YEAH, I know, they’ve already been out a few months, but hey, what with stuff and all that, I haven’t had a chance to play them. So, with the snow and ice putting paid to any action yesterday, I decided, finally, to give the latest versions a try.

So what did I think? Starting with FIFA, I gotta say, I was pleasantly impressed. FIFA 2010 is a cut above previous versions of the game, none of which have been a patch on ISS - but the new FIFA does have certain advantages over it.

In terms of individual brilliance, skills and tricks, you can do more with FIFA than ISS - take Messi or Ronaldinho for a run on the practice ground and you’ll get what I’m saying. The kits are also better, and the facial features sharper - the players actually look like they’re meant to.

It also has the edge when it comes to playing online: whereas with ISS you can only have a maximum two controllers a side, FIFA allows you to have more. The commentary, however, is as annoying as ever, pairing Martin Tyler alongside Andy F***ing Gray!

Mark-Lawrenson  Andy-Gray

Onto ISS, as always the number one in terms of match playing, with Mark Lawrenson a slightly more bearable summariser, and the shots on target actually going in more often than not rather than striking the post, which happens freakily too often in FIFA.

It’s also on top in terms of players’ touch, feel and control, and they’ve improved the awareness and speed off the line of the keepers.

ISS also, to my mind, has the lead when looking at the classic teams. They’re now more generation-specific - Brazil v Argentina using the USA ’94 squads - more realistic than pairing Pelé with Sócrates, for example, and featuring players who’ve actually played in my lifetime.

Overall, then, as with the past 15 or so years, I’m giving the nod to ISS, or PES as it’s now known, though FIFA have definitely reduced the gap. Some day they may even overtake it.

All in all, a most productive day’s work, and it’s like totally whetted my appetite for the World Cup, exactly five months today and counting; can’t wait!!

EA Sports: FIFA 10
Konami: PES 2010


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