Shamik Das

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The last time Avram met Fergie, Moscow 2008:

GETS better and better and better every time you see it!!

I would’ve loved it, really loved it, if Terry had said after his miss:

“Go into exile I must ... failed I have.”
Speaking of which, I reckon dear old Avram looks a lot more like Quasimodo than he does Yoda:

Yoda  Avram-Grant  Quasimodo

I’ll leave you with some more pearls of wisdom that pointy-eared little Jedi Master once said:

“Around the survivors penalty area, a perimeter create.”
Avram, heed the Grand Master’s advice, and from today’s game emerge with a win you might!

The Sun: Avram, Yoda - seperated at birth


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