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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Goldman $tats

Goldman-$achs-logoHAVING dug through the
Sunday Times interview with Sachs tsar Lloyd Blankfein - from which all the juiciest quotes can be found over on Left Foot Forward - here are
the figures that leap out; prepare to screeeaaam!!


Assets total $1 trillion.

$164.2 billion held in cash or cash equivalents.

Worth $95 billion by market capitalisation.

Profits of $3.2 billion in the last quarter alone.

$164.2 billion in cash or cash equivalents.

Average pay for 30,000 staff is a record $700,000.

Top earners earn tens of millions - several hundred thousand times more than a cleaner at the firm.

Good investment banking partner will make $3.5m a year.

Good trading partner: $7-10m.

Management committee member: $15-25m.

$20 billion paid out in salaries and bonuses.

Some 953 employees got bonuses of at least $1m in 2008.

Received $10 billion from the US Government’s Troubled Asset Relief Program (Tarp).

Losses in the mortgage sector: $1.7 billion - lower than any other big investment bank.
Chairman and CEO Lloyd Blankfein:

Paid himself $68m in 2007 alone, an all-time record for any Wall Street CEO.

He owns more than $500 million of Goldman stock.

Owns $30m apartment on Central Park West.

Owns 6,500-square-foot home in the Hamptons - the summer playground of New York’s elite.
In the City:

5,500 people work in Sachs’s Fleet Street office.

Profits per employee averaged £181,000 a year between 2000 and 2008.

Average pay this year is expected to be £458,000.
What a bunch of bankers.

Goldman $achs: Robbing from the poor to give to the rich


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