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Friday, October 16, 2009

Now you see it...

Headline number one

Now you don’t!

The umpteenth revision of one of the Mail’s vilest ever pages

Read the column in all its inglory here - more reaction on the Twitter hash tags #Jan and #janmoir - join the Facebook group and read a couple of good articles on the Telegraph and Guardian and a blinder from Charlie Brooker.

Left Foot Forward: Forensic butchery of the piece
Email the beyatch:


Blogger Shamik said...

In which case, if it was number three, the cause of death would have been because he’d taken drugs, not because he was gay, which was the deranged assertion of Jan Moir’s piece!

She also says that smoking a joint several hours beforehand might have caused his death, which sounds equally ridiculous!

18 October, 2009 14:48

Anonymous Anonymous said...

im still none the wiser what caused this lads death

23 October, 2009 20:43


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