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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Would you have tea with the Liberal Democrats?

"Ve know vat you drink"

HOLD the front page! The most boring man in Parliament, Ed Davey, has finally said something interesting.

He’d like to have tea with the Taleban.

Fair enough, you might say, a possible means to help end the conflict; after all, Western leaders have often broke bread with dictators, think of Donald Rumsfeld sidling up to Saddam, or Ban Ki Moon having dinner with AhMADinejad, as he may well do at the UN this week.

But the big question, the really big question, is would Mullah Omar and his pals be seen dead with the Liberal Democrats? And would that bunch of unelected, power-hungry madmen want to sip Alokozay with the Taleban anyway, first flush or not?!

Ed should remember that it’s spelt Vince Cable, not Vince Kabul. Davey wants to “harness the power of tea”
BBC Politics: All the latest from the Lib Dem Conference


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