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Friday, August 28, 2009

Con MEP wants GP charges - and no, it's not Hannan

Toffs reunited: Wealthy Tory Charles Tannock [left] lives it up with his toffee-nosed palsDAVID CAMERON'S "wholehearted commitment to the NHS" came under fire from one of his own side again last night as yet another Tory MEP brought into question the very ideals of the health service.

Only last week the Tory leader made a key-note speech in which he reaffirmed his personal belief in "the principle of a healthcare system that is free at the point of use, based on need and not the ability to pay" - a principle that has once more been undermined by an errant MEP.

Speaking on last night's Channel Four News Dr Tannock said:- "I would be totally in favour of small co-payments, ie. small payments being
made if you turn up to things and perhaps small fines being levied if you don't.

"We need to look at these issues again, I know they are controversial but I don't think that people who are in a job would actually be against, say, spending £10 to see their GP or being fined £10 if they don't show up to an out-patients."

The latest row follows the storm of controversy which erupted when Dr Tannock's colleague Daniel Hannan described the NHS as a "60-year mistake" which he "wouldn't wish on anybody".

Mr Hannan was in the news again earlier this week after the release of a video in which he said Enoch Powell - he of the 'Rivers of blood' speech - was his "key political influence".

Health Service Journal: Lansley denies GP charge plans
BBC News: Profile of Daniel Hannan


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