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Friday, May 22, 2009

The truth about Margaret Moran

"Oink oink!"

• Disgraced dry rot MP 'employed' NINE unpaid interns
• Tried to bully staff into signing off her dodgy receipts
• "Utterly despised" non-troughing Luton North MP

YOU know about the £22,500 dry rot bill; you know about the £4,756.40 kitchen and £2,678 carpet; you know she's corrupt, but do you know the real Margaret Moran, and what it's like to work for her?

Well today, we can delve further into the murky career of the woman who embodies the arrogance, greed and shamelessness of modern Members of Parliament.

It is alleged by one former intern of Miss Moran that she ordered members of staff to work for a 'charity' called "eQuality Networks Ltd" (EQN), a clear breach of official guidelines which state that staff should be used solely for the purpose of assisting an MP in "performing parliamentary duties".

Yesterday's Financial Times contains more details about her links to EQN - which is run by her fiancé, Michael Booker - and the misappropriation of staff thereof, including her use of House of Commons headed notepaper when working for EQN.

The former intern, whose complaints to the authorities fell on deaf ears, was one of nine unpaid interns working for Miss Moran at the time, many of whom were also asked to work for EQN.

HM Revenue and Customs, which investigated the original allegations two years ago, did not have enough evidence to take action against Miss Moran, though they have since toughened the regulations concering unpaid volunteers.

The allegations: A copy of the email I sent to Margaret Moran, to which she has so far not responded

Another ex-employee of Miss Moran has described how she would routinely attempt to pressure staff into signing off questionable expense claims which were then passed to the fees office for approval.

Examples include "ghost" journeys, in which her staff were asked to fill in blank taxi receipts, and expenses incurred while Miss Moran was working for EQN; it is not known how many of these were submitted to the fees office and subsequently paid out.

What has also emerged is her "complete and utter" hatred of Kelvin Hopkins, fellow Luton Labour MP and beacon of thrift who spent a staggering 90 per cent less on second home allowances over the past five years, a mere £8,894 compared to Miss Moran's whopping £87,206.

Remarkably, despite all the evidence in the original Telegraph story and the susequent revelations, from BBC Look East's story that EQN is not registered with the Charity Commission to the Olive Tree uncovering the story of her luxury Spanish holiday villa her local constituency party have expressed their "full confidence" in her.

However, the Prime Minister's recent description of her behaviour as "totally unacceptable" may yet see the trougher nonpareil at long last expelled from the Labour party and thrown out of Parliament.

Miss Moran has refused to answer any of the questions I have put to her, and has failed to return any of my calls.

Saturday 9th May: Moran's second-home scam revealed
Monday 11th May: Moran defends the indefensible
Tuesday 12th May: Moran to pay back money


Blogger Ursula said...

Good stuff,, keep at it! I, too, find it incredible that so little has been made of all the extra stuff that she has been pulling on top of her expenses scams.
I think she will go/get pushed, though, it's just a matter of when her brass neck collapses.

22 May, 2009 12:55

Anonymous Stop Common Purpose said...

Well done, Shamik. Keep it up!

22 May, 2009 13:34

Blogger JD said...

Good work, Shamik - keep up the pressure.


22 May, 2009 14:20

Blogger selsey.steve said...

Shamik, I got here via Guido's site ( I'm glad I found you.
Keep up the great work; someone, somewhere has GOT to face criminal charges and SOON!!

22 May, 2009 20:44

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done son. Keep it up.

24 May, 2009 10:59


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