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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fatty Foulkes should shut his fat face

"Give us more money, give us more pies and give us more porn!"

WITH no-one breaking cover and defending MPs it fell to MSP George "Fatty" Foulkes, who's also a member of the Lords, to appear on News 24 and make a complete tit of himself.

Refusing to answer any questions, he chose instead to lay into the interviewer, BBC totty Carrie Gracie, then turned his guns on her illustrious colleagues John Humphries and Jeremy Paxman, squealing about their salaries and demanding MPs get paid more.

He asked of his interviewer how much she was paid; answer: £92,000 a year, which in Fatty's mind in "nearly double" an MP's salary of £64,766.

Beauty & the beast: Watch the exchange between Fatty and Carrie by clicking on the picture

Ms Gracie's salary is, in fact, only 1.42 times the salary of an MP. It would have been more accurate had she retorted that MPs, in fact, earn "nearly as much" as she does, 1.42 being closer to 1 than 2.

Even now I doubt the chiselling pie-eating clutz would get it; in the world of Gordon Brown and his economically-illiterate cohorts 1.42 is nearly 2.

No wonder the economy's screwed...

The Daily Telegraph: The Expenses Files
Wikipedia: The original Fatty Foulke


Blogger Old Holborn said...

12 May, 2009 17:21

Blogger Shamik said...

Fatty's had his fingers in the sweet jar again I see!

£7,626 on meals!

A last, we've finally found the answer to that oft asked question "who ate all the pies?"!!

13 May, 2009 12:26


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