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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Medallion man

Brothers in arms: President Bush embraces Tony Blair after awarding him the Medal of Freedom

HUMBLED, unbowed and above all proud, a sombre Tony Blair accepts the Medal of Freedom from outgoing US President George W Bush in Washington today.

Next up, the Congressional Gold Medal of Honour, awarded to the former Prime Minister in 2003 but which he is yet to be invested with.

Such bravery, courage and strength; virtues which will only be fully appreciated in the fullness of time.

History will judge him to have been right.

BBC News: Video of today's ceremony
Sky News: Gallery of today's events


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG you really are a fucking knob aren't you.

Anonymous cos u ain't worthy of speaking my name!

15 January, 2009 18:36

Blogger Robert said...

A Knob is useful a wanker is more like it.

15 January, 2009 19:43

Blogger Compass Youth Group said...

Young London for a Progressive Future
@ Progressive London Conference

Next Saturday 24 January at TUC Congress House

David Lammy MP, Minister for Higher Education & IP
Samuel Tarry, Chair of Compass Youth
Bell Ribeiro-Addy, NUS Black Students’ Officer
Nii Sackey, Director of Bigga Fish
Emma Jane Cross, Chief Executive of Beat Bullying

Get inspired, get involved, get ready, it’s time to take back society

17 January, 2009 11:29

Blogger Robert said...

My god a real New labour wanker

18 January, 2009 22:27

Anonymous Anonymous said...

utter toss

blair looks embarassed to receive that medal - only a moron would trumpet it as a great acheivement

shamik das you are the biggest prick i have ever come across online

21 January, 2009 19:58

Blogger Shamik said...

Oh, I'm sorry, would you rather this man was still in charge?

More worthy of the Medal of Freedom in your warped mind, eh?!


21 January, 2009 23:02

Blogger The Penguin said...

I wonder if it will be of any use at all when he is indicted for War Crimes at the Hague?

"Please, Your Honour, George gave me a medal, and Shamik Das thinks I'm a hero!"

"Guilty as charged. You will be taken from here to a place of execution, and there you will be hung by the neck until you are dead. Shamik Das will merely be ridiculed, but he is well used to that."

22 January, 2009 13:37

Blogger Shamik said...

Pipe down! Get yourself a bucket of fish and chill out!!

22 January, 2009 14:29

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blair is a war criminal, implicated, through his KLA allies, in narcotic and human trafficking, ethnic cleansing, the desecration and demolition of churches, and organ harvesting and trading. One day he will face justice.

22 January, 2009 17:24

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice one, Shamik. Your blog is one of the best laughs I have had in ages! I nearly wet myself when I read the bit about Tony Blair.

However the creepy narcissistic nature of the rest of the site tells me that humour wasn't the intended reaction

22 January, 2009 17:49


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