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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Guess who's back...

Back to the future: A screenshot of the offending website


According to the website the baldies have staged a coup and ousted David Cameron as Conservative party leader.

The remarkable news of Hague's second coming as Tory leader was revealed by Harriet Harman at (deputy) PMQs this lunchtime, to rapturous applause from all sides of the chamber.

"I'm king of the world!!!"    "Get yer bloody hands off me!

The news brings to mind a website from eight years ago - - which featured a picture of a naked man, accompanied by the disclaimer "Hi, I am William Hague and a very keen naturist, I am not William Hague the conservative politician from England!"

Sadly, both the site and Hague the naturist are long gone, though "Hague the conservative politician" is still going strong.

The baseball cap may have been ditched, but the Yorkshire wise guy can still debate anyone over the dispatch box and drink anyone under it!

Watch Harman and Hague battle it out
Debate the fun and games over at Guido's blog


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