Shamik Das

Sunday, September 28, 2008

They've laced up their jackboots, donned blackshirts and set their sights, now they're ready for a

DC to the oik: "Most people respect the Thatch; everyone respects the Hun!"

AFTER the treacherous Lib Dems and the back-stabbing Labourites comes the turn of the nasty old Conservatives as conference season reaches its dénouement in Boring-ham later this week.

It promises to be one hell of a letdown, devoid of any of the plotting which lit up Labour's conference in Manchester last week or the u-turns which shook up the Liberal Democrat knees-up in Bournemouth a fortnight ago.

Everyone will be on their guard, almost robotic in their parrotting of the party line, trying not to look complacement as they magic up an air of seriousness quite at odds with their pompousity and inexperience.

Look out for David Cameron telling delegates he knows how they feel, that he feels their pain and can relate to hard-working families struggling to pay their bills.

As if! He and George Osborne, though more competent than Gordon Brown, couldn't be more out of touch even if they tried; like an old Etonian has the faintest idea what it's like to live as an ordinary Briton.

All the latest from the Tory party conference
David Cameron on Sunday AM this morning


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