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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Dumb and dumber: Peter Kenyon and Roman Abramovich can only dream of signing Robinho

REJOICE, rejoice, rejoice!

Roman's empire is beginning to crumble!!!

Man City are now the richest club in the world, a thousand times richer than Chelsea.

Abramovich and his bitch, slap-head Pete, look like a pair of Siberian peasants next to the Abu Dhabi mafia.

How long before the dastardly double act are seen shivering outside Eastlands, begging bowls in hand, crying "spare a Kopek, effendi"?!

Sir Alex Ferguson and Dimitar Berbatov    Robinho and Mark Hughes

£32.4 million for Robinho, £30.75 million for Berba: the British transfer record smashed twice in one night, and much better value than the previous record fee of £30 million for Sheva, remember him?

And tonight, unconfirmed reports that Kevin Keegan's been sacked by Newcastle.

This is, without doubt, the wackiest 36 hours in Premiership history!

Now, I wonder what Roman and Pete are gonna do with all those Robinho shirts...

Manchester City
Newcastle United


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man Utd in bed with AIG? tee hee hee! Enjoy the irony!

17 September, 2008 14:15


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