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Sunday, September 21, 2008

"Cows to the left of me, jug ears to the right,

Polly put the kettle on: Charles Clarke and John Prescott look disdainfully at Polly pants-down

"Here I am stuck in the middle with you!"

A right old ding-dong on the Politics Show this afternoon as Labour heavyweights John Prescott and Charles Clarke kicked lumps out of each other while Polly Toynbee could do nothing but scowl in that annoying, preachy, feminist know-it-all kind of way.

What is it with these New Labour women that just rubs people up the wrong way? Toynbee, the hypocrite who lectures all and sundry on the dangers of global warming while jetting off to her holiday home every other weekend.

And how about Harriet Harman? Without doubt the most annoying woman in Britain.

As soon as she started spouting her half-baked drivel, Prezza and Clarke should have stood up, looked down on her with contempt and said "damn it, we're going home!"

But enough sexist wind-uppery, for it ain't only the Brownite babez who get on my nerves, it's the man himself, up to his old tricks again on Sunday AM, where he was given another easy ride from little Andy.

Lets see... from memory I think he blamed spivs, banks, Yanks, the Chinese, the oil companies, the electricity companies, the energy companies, supermarkets, backbencers, Blairites and Tories... in fact, everyone but himself.

It's always someone else's fault, isn't it?!

Gordon Brown on Sunday AM
Prescott, Clarke and Toynbee on The Politics Show


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