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Friday, July 25, 2008

In the name of Gord, go

"It's the global economy, stupid; I am not to blame, I've done nothing wrong, I'm a courageous leader, a true statesman and I am The Second Coming"

IF you thought it couldn't get any worse following the Henley humiliation, Crewe crucifixion, 10p tax debacle, a surge in violent crime, the scourge of feral youths, rising inflation, high unemployment, faltering industrial relations, tax rises, u-turns and the school exams fiasco, well, think again.

Gordon Brown has been well and truly stuffed this morning, losing the Glasgow East by-election by 365 votes to the Scottish National Party after a recount.

Glasgow East. The 25th safest Labour seat in Britain and the third safest in Scotland.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Brown must go. Now.

Thanks to him, Labour will lose the next election. The only question is by how much. If he stays, we're looking at a 200-seat Tory majority; if he goes, his successor could limit the damage to 100 seats or less.

Alan Johnson, David Milliband and James Purnell must step up to the plate and topple the mentally-deranged, dishonest, unelected and unpopular traitor.

There's more chance of Hull winning the Premiership than their is of Brown doing the right thing and going voluntarily.

And the good news? The SNP will require a smaller swing to unseat the Prime Minister from his Kirkcaldy constituency at the General Election.

Fingers crossed...

Worst Prime Minister ever
Glasgow East by-election results
Brown's deceit over 42 days


Anonymous Anonymous said...

but surely there still is time to turn it around- as Harold Wilson once said a "week is a long time in politics".

25 July, 2008 18:33

Blogger Shamik said...

Well, he's had 56 of them so far, each one worse than the other.

It took Tony Blair about a dozen years as Labour leader before the party became ungovernable - it took Brown about a dozen weeks.

Tony must be laughing! Laughing all the way to the bank!!!

25 July, 2008 21:53

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahh but Tony came into power amidst a Tory party heading towards irreparable damage, an economy no more impressive, and a UK public desperately in need of a change of leadership- a leader who could inspire and Mr Blair filled the lacuna exceptionally well.

06 August, 2008 22:15

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We must remain calm this is not the time to change the leader before a recession It is madness to change now1. Wait till after the recession and see why choose a new leader and give hime a recession?:

05 September, 2008 00:01


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