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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Question: who's the odd one out?

In sync: "Ahll keel yew Mista Bush! Ah spit on your noshon of de-moc-ra-see!"

ANSWER: trick question; they're all mad!

You'll recognise three of them, the founder members of Scum Re-united - one dead, one in hiding and the other planning to unleash nuclear armageddon on the Middle East - while the fourth is one of Mr AhMADinejad's staunchest defenders.

Never mind that the Iranian despot has vowed to obliterate Israel and denied the existence of the Holocaust, nor that he is enriching uranium in clear violation of United Nations resolutions, Canadian scribe Gwynne Dyer believes he's done nothing illegal.

And, in keeping with the Robert Fisk/Paul Routledge/Mark Seddon school of discredited left-wing hackery, he refuses to condemn the tyrant, choosing instead to lay into President Bush.

We've been here before. Whether it be Kosovo, Iraq or Afghanistan, some people will always side with evil, criticising the democratically elected leaders of Britain and America rather than the murderous extremists responsible for millions of deaths.

Thankfully the Israeli Government isn't run by the likes of the Michael Moore wannabe, and is prepared to strike if Tehran fails to suspend its efforts to build a nuclear bomb.

It's time for action; for all our sakes.

Israel ups the ante
Gwynne Dyer-Dinejad


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