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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ian Smith says goodbye

Who ate all the pies? Ex-Kiwi keeper Ian Smith    "Don't move or I'll shoot, you feckin' kaffir!"

NICHT! 'Tis not the tubby New Zealand wicket-keeper turned commentator that I'm talking about, nor the former Prime Minister of Rhodesia, the late, lamented Ian Smith, predecessor to neo-cannibal despot Robert Mugabe and sorely missed by all and sundry.

It is Ian Smith the actor to whom I refer.

Harold Bishop    Gary Newbon

Harold Bishop has left Ramsey Street.

But fear not, his lookalike Gary Newbon continues ranting unabated. Following United's scalping of Chelski the other day, I really did think Harold Bishop was presenting the post-match phone-in on Sky Sports. What a night!

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