Shamik Das

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Remember him?

"I didn't see anything!"

COMICAL ALI, who five years ago today predicted a glorious victory for Saddam Hussein's new model army, doing the same now for Arsene Wenger's gang of despots.

And if you think his vision of Gunners glory is wide of the mark, remember, remember the fun we all had in March 2003 as the bombs rained down on Iraq at the commencement of Shock and Awe.

"There are no American infidels in Baghdad. Never!"

"My feelings - as usual - we will slaughter them all."

"Our initial assessment is that they will all die."

"I blame Al-Jazeera - they are marketing for the Americans!"

"God will roast their stomachs in hell at the hands of Iraqis."

"They're coming to surrender or be burned in their tanks."

"No I am not scared, and neither should you be!"

"We are not afraid of the Americans. Allah has condemned them. They are stupid."

Ah, memories, memories; where does the time go?

A tribute to Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf
President Bush's speech marking the fifth anniversary of the start of the Iraq war


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