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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mathemagician to the rescue!

"I'm no ordinary magician, I'm a mathemagician!"

HE'S not the kind of magician who does tricks, he's a mathemagician!

And, unlike the pointy-head in Grade School Confidential, he really does know how to make a remainder disappear.

Pupils at Robert Mellors Primary School in Nottingham have been marvelling at the mysteries of the universe thanks to headmistress Donna Chambers, who's come up with a novel way of teaching maths.

"We are just a little school who let the children decide how they want to learn," said Miss Chambers.

Lauren    Paige

"With maths, the teacher will say 'today we are learning how to do inverse operation'. They put on their Harry Potter hat and wands, and work it out in their books."

Year three pupil Lauren, bedecked in purple Potter-style hat, said: "It's really good and it has got loads of magic spells and different characters in it."

"It's made school a lot easier and better," added classmate Chantelle. "Everybody likes going to school now."


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