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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Once more unto the breach, dear friends ...

The scoreboard shows the impossible task facing South Africa as they went from requiring 22 runs from 13 balls to needing 22 runs off just one ball, thanks to the ridiculous rain rules at the time, in their 1992 World Cup semi-final defeat to England

Allan Donald cuts a forlorn figure as South Africa blow it in their classic 1999 World Cup semi-final against Australia at Edgbaston

The 2007 World Cup semi-final pits the Boks against the Aussies for the second time in three tournaments, but will it be sweet revenge or yet more heartache for the South Africans?

Third time lucky?


Blogger stonysleep said...

Sauf Afrika are going to get their arses whooped
Herschelle should not count as a "coloured" player - he is not "blick" enough

24 April, 2007 21:50

Blogger Sham said...

Who do you suggest as his replacement? Mr Jackson "Blick", perhaps! ;)

24 April, 2007 22:58


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