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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Woolmer 'offered to quit' after Ireland defeat

Murdered Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer    Dr Nasim Ashraf, chairman of the PCB

It has emerged that murdered Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer sent an
e-mail hours before his death offering to resign from his post, the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board has revealed.

The contents of the e-mail, sent to PCB chairman Dr Nasim Ashraf the morning after Pakistan's surprise loss to Ireland, came to light only yesterday - eight days after Woolmer's tragic death.

In it Woolmer states his desire to retire from international coaching and return to South Africa, as well as expressing his "great disappointment" over the "stunning defeat" against the Irish.

Other developments over the past 48 hours include the collation of all cctv footage from the Pegasus Hotel - Pakistan's base in Kingston - as well as the police's belief that Woolmer's killers weren't locals.

"It seems highly unlikely a Jamaican has walked off the street, gone up to the 12th floor in a secure lift, gone along to his room, got into his room without any sign of forced entry, murdered him and then not stolen anything," said Mark Shields, the man heading up the investigation.


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