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Monday, March 26, 2007

The picture that paints a million dreams:

Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams in Belfast earlier today

A bright new dawn to herald a bright new future. An image that would have been unthinkable a few years ago.

An image of hope, a picture of peace, of faith in the future.

Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams sitting at the same table in front of the cameras.

Ian Paisley in the nineties    Gerry Adams in the eighties

Un. Be. Lievable.

Peace in our time? Only time will tell ...


Blogger stonysleep said...

I know you haven't addressed him as such but I have a grudge to bear.
Paisley is neither a doctor nor a reverend so should not be addressed by either
Just wanted to make that clear since new programmes are using both titles when they should just call him Mr Paisley or Ian Paisley (either will do)

Other than that is all good news

26 March, 2007 23:27

Blogger Sham said...

Can't fix it I'm afraid! ;)

I think Paisley's official title, at least in his own mind, is:

The Rt. Hon. Rev. Dr. Ian Paisley MP MLA

I believe he's a Reverend of a church he founded, and has an honourary doctorate from his own university, as well as being the leader of the DUP - a party he set up in protest at the "sell-out" by the more moderate UUP; he's also on the Privy Council as well as being elected to Westminster and Stormont.

Oh, and he used to be an MEP as well!!!

27 March, 2007 00:33


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