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Friday, January 12, 2007

Kelvin McKenzie: a nasty piece of work

And what a scummy man ...

Did you see Question Time last night? 'Cos I didn't! ;) Kelvin McKenzie was on the panel, attempting to wriggle out of his shameful position on Hillsborough.

Quite ridiculously, McKenzie chose to blame the Liverpool fans themselves for the 1988 disaster - accusing ticketless supporters of ramming the turnstiles and those inside the stadium of pick-pocketing dead bodies and attacking police.

Here is the original Sun front page (below left) from 19 years ago which McKenzie was responsible for, and the reaction of the Liverpool Echo (below right):

"The Sun" front page which caused a great deal of anger on Merseyside    How the "Liverpool Echo" reported McKenzie's comments

McKenzie still refuses to say sorry ...

Watch McKenzie's pathetic ramblings in full on the Question Time website until next Thursday (18th January).


Anonymous Nick said...

McKenzie is gutter vermin. Glad we can agree on that one!

12 January, 2007 18:29

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Complete and utter scum of the earth and a right wing shit to top it off.

13 January, 2007 23:43


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