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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Shane Warne, man of the millennium

Just two Tests left for the greatest bowler of all time. Here is that ball to Gatting:

I feel privileged to have watched the great man in action on numerous occasions. Four Ashes tours, the World Cup final of 1999, the tsunami match ... so many memories!

Warney, we'll miss you mate!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not bad for a fattie, huh? Those leg breaks will always remain etched into my memory. Incredible.

Saw the man's first wicket today as a replay. Amazing.

You got more replies!

21 December, 2006 17:36

Blogger stroppybird said...

ok , off topic. Over at stroppy we have done a link for you as we quite like you :-)


21 December, 2006 22:04

Blogger Sham said...

Tom, you're absolutely right, he really was one in a million! I'll write some more on your Iraq post a bit later.

Ah, the link, very funny! I've reciprocated, hope you like it! ;)

22 December, 2006 14:50

Blogger stroppybird said...

very funny. Hope we don't get to many new labour types coming over. But you are still very welcome Sham :-)

btw not sure if I should invite you , but there is a leftie bloggers drinks in january . Loads of trots , you might enjoy it !

22 December, 2006 16:29

Blogger Sham said...

:Scared smiley: ;)

25 December, 2006 21:56

Blogger stroppybird said...

Hey Sham , sure you can handle a pub full of lefties :-)

25 December, 2006 22:47

Blogger stonysleep said...

Warney himself said the gatting ball was a fluke and he was just "glad that gatt missed it"

He was a great bowler and the stats speak for themself especially when he's combined with McGrath - who has confirned he's retiring after the world cup.

Oh, and it's been another dismal day for cricket england in the ashes - really don't think i can cope with it anymore

26 December, 2006 09:27

Blogger Sham said...

It's all harmless fun! ;)

26 December, 2006 14:56

Blogger Sham said...

Re: 4th Test - Can't understand why Flintoff chose to bat! And even more inexplicable, batting KP at number five and not four. It's ridiculous! Still, at least the India v South Africa Test looks like being a bit more competitive.

26 December, 2006 14:58


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