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Monday, December 04, 2006

Blair remains strident over Trident

New Labour, New Britain

The Prime Minister today outlined plans for the renewal of Britain's nuclear deterrent. In so doing he described as "unwise" and "dangerous" any proposal to give up Trident.

The new weapons, which will cost £20 billion - rising to £75 billion over the lifetime of the missiles - will be ready by 2024 and last until midway through the 21st century.

Money which some argue will be better spent in other areas but I believe is a small price to pay for maintaining Britain's position at the top table, alongside America, China, France and Russia.

Russia  America  France  China

Additionally, Mr Blair also announced an overall cut in the size of Britain's arsenal, down a fifth from 200 to 160 warheads - a figure dwarfed by those of our allies.

Russia lead the way with 16,000 of which 5,830 are operational, followed closely by the United States, who have 5,735 operational warheads out of a total of 10,000.

The figures for the remaining two permanent members of the UN Security Council, France and China, are much closer to that of Britain - 350 for France and 200 for China, 130 of which are currently deployed.

Finger on the button  The Trident missile in full flight  The mushroom cloud over Nagasaki

Some commentators have described the renewal of Trident as one of the Prime Minister's longest lasting legacies from his time in office, when eventually he departs next year.

I couldn't agree more, and for all the right reasons. Britain will be a safer place for it.


Blogger stroppybird said...

Why have you changed the blog name ? wasn't it the Blairite Blogger ?

05 December, 2006 11:13

Blogger Sham said...

Mainly so that people would read what I've said and judge it on its merits, and agree or disagree, rather than assume I'm wrong just 'cos of the blog's name.

05 December, 2006 13:17

Blogger stroppybird said...

Yep but you were willing to stand up and say you were a Blairite . Even if disagree I thought that was quite good. But I see your point. And also presumably even you may disagree on some parts of it? You have your own views ?

05 December, 2006 14:02

Blogger Harry Perkins said...

I'm sure you'll be delighted to hear that I've expressed my full agreement with you, Sham. Let's maintain the British contribution to a future nuclear holocaust!

05 December, 2006 16:14

Blogger Sham said...

I'm still a Blairite, as you can probably tell from what I've said, but I don't feel the need to constantly shout it from the rooftops!

And in any case my political views should have no bearing on my commentaries on the Ashes, which is foremost in my mind at present, another reason for the design change.

Of course I have my own views, they just happen to agree with those of the Prime Minister, and I've noticed even you agree with him sometimes! ;)

Harry, you're back! What happened? Not enough space in the caves of Tora Bora?!? :-)

05 December, 2006 17:31

Blogger stroppybird said...

"Of course I have my own views, they just happen to agree with those of the Prime Minister, and I've noticed even you agree with him sometimes! ;)"

yep, its called independent thought rather than a knee jerk reaction:-)

05 December, 2006 19:48

Anonymous Mario Silvani said...

Maintain Britain's position at the top of the table? I've never heard of something so stupid. £76bn or whatever it is would surely be better spent on our public services. It's something I can't comprehend that there has been such little resistance from Labour backbenchers over the proposal. I guess this will confirm our role in creating a further unstable world for the next generation to live in.

05 December, 2006 22:15

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I'm still a Blairite"?

More like a brown-nosing sycophant!

06 December, 2006 00:56

Blogger Sham said...

Signor Silvani,

Whenever the Government spends money on a forward-looking new project - be it the the new Wembley, the Olympic Games or anything else exciting - unenlightened individuals will always bleat on that the money would be better spent on the public services.

Something opponents of progress deem to be "more worthy of public money".

This Government has already vastly increased spending on health and education, as well you know.

Brown-nosing sycophant

Good pun, but entirely inaccurate!

06 December, 2006 11:16

Anonymous Mario Silvani said...

I don't dispute the fact that we have spent an amazing amount of money on the NHS and education. I applaud the efforts made by the government in this respect. But I would rather money be spent on reducing the proposed cuts in the NHS and closing rural post offices, both of which affect me and many others in Durham. We will not see the reality of films such as "Threads." We cannot afford to make further mistakes with our foreign and defense policy.

06 December, 2006 20:47

Anonymous Anonymous said...

a bit unrelated, but would you care to offer me a wager?

07 December, 2006 20:05


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