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Saturday, December 02, 2006

BBC expose African "AIDS cure" scam

The AIDS awareness ribbon

An undercover BBC investigation has revealed - and subsequently put an end to - a multi-million pound scam proclaiming goat serum as a miracle cure for AIDS.

News of this scandal coincided with World AIDS day, yesterday, December 1st.

The man behind the phony "cure" is Michael Hart Jones, a vulgar, despicable individual. Truly the lowest of the low. There is no scintific proof that goat serum cures AIDS. None whatsoever.

Hart Jones's actions are unbelievable and must be punished. To offer false hope to literally hundreds of thousands of poor, sick Africans in exchange for what little money they have leaves one speechless.

The BBC deserve praise for putting an end to this contemptuos low-life's activities. Vindication for the licence fee if ever it were needed.

Watch the report in full on the BBC Newsnight website until late Monday evening.


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