Shamik Das

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Time for Rummy bye-bye!

"You're fired!"    "Uh-oh"

Bad news for Dubya at the US Mid Terms. Loss of the House & the Senate, and now he's lost his Secretary of Defense.

It was a night of stunning successes for the Democrats, who took back control of both Houses of Congress, winning the House of Representatives by 226-196 and regaining the Senate by the narrowest of margins - 50-49.

Donald Rumsfeld paid the price for the Republican Party's hammering, losing his job at the Pentagon as the President sought a "fresh perspective" on Iraq.

Congratulations to the biggest winners of the night: Arnold Schwarzenneger - a lone ray of hope for the Republicans - re-elected as Governor of California by a landslide, Nancy Pelosi, the first ever female Speaker of the House of Representatives, ...

Arnie  Nancy  Bernie  Joey

... Bernie Sanders - Vermont's newly-elected Senator & the first Socialist in the Senate's history - and Joe Lieberman, re-elected to his Connecticut seat despite being forced to stand as an independent.

From sea to shining sea, democracy in action in the land of the free; God Bless America.


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