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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Scholesy for England!

"It's Evra, through to Saha, he finds Scholes, tees himself up, it's made for him, and he scores! A stunning strike, classic Scholes, classic United!!!"

Paul Scholes fires United ahead with a stunning 25-yard strike

And so the fun goes on, three wins out of three, top of Group F and top of the Premiership, could life be any better for a United fan? Well, yes, defeat tonight for Chelsea and humiliation for Mourinho would go down very nicely indeed!

Keep an eye on Frank Lampard; another pitiful display from the over-rated pie-eater and surely an England recall for Paul Scholes can't be far away, provided Scholesy makes himself available.

1, 2, 3, altogether now: Barca, Barca, Barca!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Sham!

There's this thing going round France at the moment called umm..Memory loss. I was just wondering..who was Manchester United's first and only defeat this season?

I can't seem to remember.

18 October, 2006 14:32

Blogger Sham said...

Give me a C, give me an S, give me a K, give me an A, ... throw in a dodgy linesman and dodgy German keeper, and what do you get?

Answers on a postcard (or e-mail)!

18 October, 2006 15:55

Blogger stonysleep said...

I always wondered what happened to scholesy
He was a big talent and then he just disappeared from the england team

20 October, 2006 19:45

Anonymous Bean Head said...

That 'dodgy' goalkeeper was very un-dodgy at the 2005 FA Cup Final when he deprived your team of a goal, or a winning penalty shoot out.


21 October, 2006 16:04


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