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Monday, October 23, 2006

Geoffrey Boycott: The voice of reason

"I told you to sack Fletcher! I TOLD YOU!!!"

Good old Geoffrey! He can always be relied upon to tell it how it is, and his latest rant about the failings of England coach Duncan Fletcher is spot-on.

One might think it bizarre, sacrilegous even, to be talking in such terms about a man who only a year ago wrested back the Ashes after 18 years of hurt.

For what it's worth, I agree with Boycott. Fletcher's high-point was last summer, since when England's record has made dismal reading.

Of the 13 Tests since reclaiming the Ashes, England have won only five, including the famous forfeited Test against Pakistan; in ODIs, their form is even worse, winning just six out of their last 24, one of those against the mighty Ireland!

And my choice to replace Fletcher? John Wright, who led India to a 1-1 draw in Australia three winters ago, inflicting upon the Aussies their only home defeat in a live rubber out of their last 58 home tests.

Additionally, Wright's India were no one-day slouches either, reaching the last World Cup Final, winning nine and losing two of their 11 matches.

If England are to bounce back from the six wicket hammering meted out by Australia and perform at the next World Cup, which is less than five months away, perhaps the time has come to ditch Fletcher and opt for someone new.


Blogger stonysleep said...

You know what I reckon - they'll still be looking to Bob Woolmer. They wanted him last time but the timing was bad. Woolmer is not going to stick with Pakistan for the long run as there's too much politics which he won't get involved with. He'll retire back home to England after the world cup, and the ECB will look to snap him up

There aren't too many out there. Check out the Wikipedia list of cricket coaches

Just looked at Dean Jones as a coach - I didn't realise he got sacked for calling Hashim Amla a terrorist on air!

Anyways, enough diversion, I think Boycott's right, Fletcher has had his run and achieved all he can. Like Sven for the football, he needs to go, but they won't have the guts to get rid of him till after the ashes or the world cup.

Having said all that was a good effort to chase down 270 against the windies

29 October, 2006 02:48

Blogger Sham said...


You do realise we've been overlooking the obvious choice: Faz!

"Bat the ball, catch the ball, field the ball ..."

And imagine what he'll say to Ashley Giles: "Have you no fingers? Are you unable to spin the ball???

"You are rubbish, it's all your fault we'll lose the Ashes!"

30 October, 2006 10:50


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