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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Brown and the Arctic Monkeys

Maybe Gordon should be paying slightly more attention to this fine group. After all, they have penned a very apt ditty about one of his opponents for the Labour leadership, John McDonnell. Here it is (with a few ammendments):

"I said, who's that Trot there? I wonder what went wrong so that he had to roam the streets. He doesn't do major policies, I doubt he does beliefs. It's all not quite legitimate.

"And what a scummy man, just give him half a chance I bet he'll rob you if he can. Can see it in his eyes, yeah that he's got a conscience blank amongst some other offences. And I've seen him with dictators of the night and he told Saddam to put on his red light.

"They're all infected but he'll be alright, cause he's a scumbag, don't you know?

"I said he's a scumbag, don't you know!?"


Anonymous Tom Neilson said...

Dear Shamik,

I appreciate that you come from a strain of political thought quite different from that of the actual Labour Party, but such arrogance, ignorance and outright slander is surely below even the most rightwing politician. I doubt you have ever met John McDonnell, and I would further doubt you have actually listened to anything that he has said.

You claim he doesn't do major policies however I am at loss to think of a 'major' policy that he doesn't a) have an opinion on and b) have an alternative.

You talk about ligitimacy, what is legitimate about the Iraq War? what is ligitimate about the curbs on our human rights introduced by this 'new' labour government?

What is legitimate about ignoring conference decisions year after year?

I'll tell you what is legitimate, the fact that someone like John McDonnell is coming out and giving ordinary members a voice, and is actually bringing people back into a lacklustre Party.

Scummy man? Oh grow up! I used to know another blairite, they're quite hard to find these days - and he always tried to convert me to 'third way' politics by saying that it is mature, grown up politics. I am glad to say that you have now blown that argument right out of the water.

Seen him with dictators of the night? when? not with George Bush who said a dictatorship would be so much easier. not with Saddam Hussein who John rightly condemned as a poisness dictator, not with general pinochet who This government so outrageously extradited to his own country rather than let him face trial for the crimes he committed in either Spain or the UK.

Not the ayatollahs of Iran who he and others protested against recently about their treatment of trade unionists in Tehran, while the government stayed silent.

Not the King of saudi arabia, not the military ruler of Paklistan or gadaffi of libya.

I find it absolutely hilarious that you should post such an outrageous comment on someone who is in your own party - or sort of - and who has never said anything as venomous or vile about anyone such as yourself ever.

09 October, 2006 20:31

Blogger Sham said...


Thanks for the comment. I was merely trying to inject a bit of humour into an otherwise dry debate!

True, McDonnell is a Labour MP (not that you'd think it given the amount of times he's voted against his own party), but I hardly think he represents the views of the membership or the country with any more accuracy than I.

In terms of the "scummy man" insults, I shall continue having a go at those who supported Saddam, including Mr McDonnell - he may have condemned him as a 'poisonous dictator', yet he still voted to keep him in power, strange that - for as long as Left-wingers throw terms such as 'war criminal' at the Prime Minister and President Bush, and for as long as they carp on about 'illegal' wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thank you once again for your comments, please visit again soon.


Shamik Das

10 October, 2006 15:58

Anonymous Tom Neilson said...

thank you for your speedy response, on the subject of Saddam - the vote in HoC was not in any way about going to war to depose Saddam Hussein, it was about disarming the country of it supposed WMD.

It turns out that it doesn't have any of the stuff we and the US sold them left. Nevermind we've still got some of our own and we're willing to waste £76bn on replacing them in the next 30 years.

we can carp on about these unimportant issues, i am glad that you are able to find the future of the Labouyr Party amusing

10 October, 2006 19:20

Blogger Sham said...

the vote in HoC was not in any way about going to war to depose Saddam Hussein

Well, that's exactly what it's done. He's now in court on trial for mass murder and genocide, thanks to Blair and Bush, and no thanks to Galloway and McDonnell.

we're willing to waste £76bn on replacing them in the next 30 years

Obviously! Never mind that Pyongyang has the bomb ...

I am glad that you are able to find the future of the Labouyr Party amusing

Believe me, I would be mortified if McDonnell ever became leader. Levity's just my way of dealing with things! If we were to ban comedy, how depressing would life be?

11 October, 2006 09:58


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